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We are Luton Cleaning Services, a professional cleaning company that provides all customers with the means to a clean office or a clean home. We know what the customer needs and we will provide it right away, it is that simple. Never worry about messy homes and businesses when we are on the case. Contact us today and get the best treatment possible in this area.

Call our customer service on 020 3912 1198. Our friendly operators are sure to respond right away. They will take down everything you want from us so that we can provide the maximum help when it is our turn to act.

Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing us, or by filling in the form on our web site. We are easy to reach and we are always there for you. You will never have to wait too long for a reply and always know that the customer matters, so we always treat you correctly and with respect.

Contact the Luton Cleaning Services and we will be on the case as soon as the phone is hanged. Make sure that your home and/or office in Luton and the surrounding areas are immaculate today!

We are working hard to make your place clean

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45 Dewsbury Road
020 3912 1198